• Mt. Kazbek Expedition

    Travel with us

  • Mt. Kazbek Expedition

    Travel with us

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Mt. Kazbek Expedition

From 450.00 $

Mt.Kazbek - Category of difficulty

From 480.00 $

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  • Definitely the best place to go to if you're planning to summit Kazbegi! I have no hesitation in recommending MTA for all your requirements.

    auth: Dimithri Perera
  • We would recommend everyone traveling to Kazbegi area to get help from these people - starting from whatever it takes to climb Kazbegi mt., bike rides, trips and ect..

    auth: Natan Arotsker
  • Very passionate people, the agency is a very good option for the people who wants to go to the summit of Kazbegi as well as the glacier

    auth: Gan Zhang