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        Mount Kazbek is calling and so the adventure begins.                                    

 We established our Mountain Travel Agency MTA climbing agency at the time when there was no tourism sector at all in this region. We are the leader climbing company since 2008 and we will always be the first and the leaders. And special love for our mountains because we are born here and we especially love our Georgia. Our friendly team consists of people who have great experience and love for their work and provide your beautiful and unforgettable expeditions and tours throughout the country. Our team is made up of people, who always will be the leaders of organizing expeditions and every kind of tours in Georgia.

  For the past 12 years, we have purchased a lot of friends from many European countries and successfully cooperate with many climbing companies and agencies around the world.  We invite all climbing companies and agencies to cooperate with us and offer the best services and prices. We are sponsors for many tourist events, helping them with the money.

  We are innovators. We create new tours and expeditions since 2008.  Only we have 12 years experience.

 Our company is officially registered since May 5, 2008. ID number: 16001004261

 We are a fully licensed tour agency.

   Mount Kazbek climbing is our company's high priority and we always care about the security of our customers and the successful expeditions on the top. High quality guide service, climbing equipment,  horse hire possibility of carrying  your luggage  up and down ,  transfers from airports and back  to airports, transfers to Sameba Trinity church and back way, comfortable guesthouses, meteorological  station and Altihut advance reservations, cook service, meals and all the necessary and important services that will help you during your expeditions.

 We offer successful Mount Kazbek expeditions with our professional guides who have the best experience to ensure your guaranteed safety; you have a great chance to reach the top of Mount Kazbek without any danger. All well-known guides of Georgia work only with us. Our guides speak fluent English, German, Russian and other languages.

 Only we have expeditions and tour programs with guaranteed services and lowest prices.

We are proud to offer various tour packages designed with your specific interests in mind.

Different options for Mount Kazbek expeditions allow you to select the desired program and make your adventure dreams real.

We guarantee that the tours you are offered will be an unforgettable memory in your life.

      Plan your expedition or other kinds of tours and make a dream to come true.

     Our greatest wish is you to be happy with our friendly team.

                                     We are here to help you.

                                      You are very welcome.

                                     Make your life amazing.

                                               Join us.

                                     Mount Kazbek is calling.


                                        Our options

Mount Kazbek expeditions:

Great packages for individuals and open groups.

Expeditions are indicated on dates that you can join or plan individual expeditions at your desired time.

Choose tour.

Write about your additional wishes and we are ready to assist you.

                                 So what are you waiting for?

                                    Mount Kazbek is calling.


                              Our other tours:

  Expeditions to Kazbek and Ortsveri mount.

  Expeditions to Kazbek and Chaukhi mountains.

  Expeditions to Svanetian mountains, but for these options you have to contact in advance, that we could prepare the best options for successful expeditions.

  Rock climbing tours.

  Ski tours in Georgia.

 Tours in Georgia.

  Mountain bike tours around Kazbegi.

  Mountain bike rentals.

  Horse riding tours.

  Horse hire for luggage.

  Certified guide reservations.

 Everyday tours by car: Truso valley, Juta, Dariali gorge and Gveleti waterfalls,     Sameba Trinity church and other directions of our region.

Comfortable guest houses in Stepantsminda.

Hotels in Gudauri and other parts of Georgia.

Altihut  (new comfortable hotel near Sabertse) reservations.

Trekking tours to Gergeti glacier and Meteo station.

Trekking tours in Georgia: Juta, Abudelauri lake,  Khevsureti, Tusheti, Svaneti and other regions of  Georgia.

Jeep tours in Georgia.

Mixed tours in Georgia.



 For details email us or contact on Facebook.

  We have an information center where you will get the perfect answer to your questions.

 Our office is located in Stepantsminda, Kazbegi, Georgia.

Kazbegi str, 29











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Mount Kazbek and Chaukhi expeditions.

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