Welcome to your mountain biking adventure.

          Discover our region of exciting MTB adventures. 
  If you want to visit interesting places where you have never been before and feel the beauty of nature, research a place, you've never heard of, create an adventure story in your life, be happier, travel with mountain bikes is more enjoyable and fun.
 You have a unique feeling of freedom on a bike. You never feel obliged to take the same route, where others go, you can choose to go where you will take you. You can go where you want when you want and how quickly. Your journeys are not dependant on anyone but yourself. The feel of setting off on a bike seems like more of an adventure, different to going by car.
   If you love to ride and adventure, it is the right place for you.
 Our company offers mountain biking tours in our region. There are many beautiful trails for mountain biking in the area of  Kazbegi. You get a better appreciation for the areas you’re visiting.
 Our guides have a great experience and to make your tours an amazing memory. They speak English and Russian.
  Our  MTB tours and renting bikes is possible with all necessary equipment. You can visit and enjoy its beauty: Truso valley with towers and springs, Juta village, Gveleti waterfalls, Dariali gorge with its beautiful sightseeing’s, Sameba Trinity church, Sno valley.
 Guided tour price depends on the size of the group.
 Book a private tour.
 For big groups, we have a discount.
 1 Day rental price: 25 Gel.
 For every detail contact us. 
1 Day rental price: 25 Gel.
For every detail contact us.


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